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08/23/13 11:11 AM #18    

Nancy A. Kamnik-Holleran (Kamnik)




I was talking to Cathy this AM.  She said that the reunion was being relocated to Warrington?   Some Restaurant.  Please advise.


PS - also the website for the reunion is showing AA Oakford.



09/06/13 10:27 AM #19    

Michael E. Gaul

I have been to our 5th & our 15th reunion and I am looking forward to our 40th.  I have lived in Arizona since 1978 and I can't wait to get back to see some old friends.  I have a picture of Miss Wise's 5th grade class at Samuel K. Faust with Bill Cadutti and Ray Mchugh,(among others) I will bring it. See you there.

09/10/13 02:52 PM #20    


Catherine M. Wishart (Gaworski)

OMG - Miss Wise! She and I mixed like oil and water.... now Mr. Murdock - I'd love to find out where he is now!

I lost most of the pictures from Faust in a house fire. I'm hoping people will bring some along to the reunion.

09/23/13 04:48 PM #21    


Debra M. Sassaman (Viehmeyer)

Had an awesome time at the class of '73 reunion!!! Had an Awesome time seeing everyone.  Really enjoyed seeing Mr. Nolls, my algebra teacher and my highschool crush, LOL.  Awesome time!!! Power to the pajama girls, can't wait to see you next year!!!!

09/27/13 12:29 AM #22    

Sharon E. Kline (Myers)

I would like to thank everyone for attending the reunion last Friday. Pictures will be posted soon. The photographer's contact information is:

EP Digital Imaging  This is difficult to read. Here it is in caps but use lower case of course to send




He charged $15 for the pic. and $15 for the disc. The disc included 152 pictures and was done very well.

He charged $25 for both. He really liked spending the night with us and commented, "They were a nice bunch of GOOD people." I agree!

I hope we all remain healthy and happy.   I can't wait to see all of you in a few years OR SOONER.


09/03/14 04:46 PM #23    

Ed Allahand

Haven't had anything on the message forum for a while. I know the alumni site are using it a lot. We're getting more and more people on the site, including Joe Mattiaci who just signed up. Which answers the question "what the hell ever happened to Joe Mattiaci?"

01/16/19 07:17 AM #24    

Ed Allahand

This is the message forum that I was talking about. Joe and I had a great conversation about his days as a football and wresting star. We also remembered some of the classmates we lost along the way.

03/17/19 10:28 AM #25    

Ed Allahand

Mike Dumin, thanks for the update on John Donovan. So sorry to hear of his passing. He was a nice guy.


03/17/19 10:31 AM #26    

Ed Allahand

Ray Guim is reminding us not to forget to jump on the Bensalem site also. It's It doesn't matter. Go on to class of 73 and sign in. Your name will be there.

01/17/22 07:20 AM #27    

Ed Allahand

The Bensalem Alumni Assoc has scheduled the All Class Reunion for Sept 24th 2022 from 1-5 at the 1675 Club at the Ridges, Which is the old German Hungarian Club on Bristol Rd in Oakford. Price is $25.00 which includes a  full buffet. Cash bar. It would be great if we had a large turnout from our class. Also next year will be our 50th. Anyone who is interested in putting together a committee, let me know. Would like to get some feedback on this message forum. Great way to connect. Where are you Joe Mattiacci, Ray Mchugh, Mark Gage? We've been in touch, I'm sure people would be happy to hear from you, Nancy Kamnik, Don Holdren, Rick Cianni. Anyone?

04/10/22 01:04 PM #28    

Paul Degand

Let me know went are 50 year reunion is coming up and where it's going to be beld I'm living in joppa Maryland now since 2019 and would love to attend.

09/26/22 05:44 PM #29    


Catherine M. Wishart (Gaworski)

I'm really interested in attending the 50 year reunion AND would love to go to the Class of 2023 graduation. I'm hoping the reunion will be in the spring ( we're officially snow birds). 


09/27/22 05:49 AM #30    

Ed Allahand

Having a good response about our 50th. I'll reach out to people and keep you posted. The 1675 Club that we just had the All Class Reunion at would be an excellent place. 

09/28/22 07:35 AM #31    

Debby Wisniewski ((Klock) Kashgarian)

Hey Ed! Remember to put my name and number on your list of volunteers for planning next year's reunion. We had fun hanging out with you last weekend! Debbie have 



09/29/22 07:15 AM #32    

Ed Allahand

The All Class Reunion last Saturday was a huge success. Over 300 people there. I would recommend having our 50th there next summer.

11/03/22 07:44 PM #33    


Debra M. Sassaman (Viehmeyer)

Hi All, It's time to start planning!!!!! Can you believe in 2023 it will 50 years since we graduated?  Our reunion will be On June 10, 2023 12 - 5pm at the old Hungarian Club in Trevose. More details will be provided in the near future. I don't know about you, but I'm excited to attend!


11/03/22 08:58 PM #34    

Nancy E. Reichelt (Buchan)

Can't believe we're at 50 years on June 10, 2023!  The committee is working hard to plan a fun event!  Check out the reunion news to keep up with all updates. It will be a fun afternoon. 12 - 5. Looking forward to seeing all of you there!  We are currently working on gathering addresses for everyone. 


11/04/22 09:08 AM #35    

Ed Allahand

 Yes June 10th 2023 at the 1675 at the Ridges on Bristol Rd in Oakford. I'll post details this weekend. Looking forward to a great turnout. We're also invited to the graduatioin ceremony of the 100th graduation class. Sam Lee, the superintendant of Bensalem, personally invited us. I'll have to reach out to him and get the details.

03/06/23 09:06 AM #36    


Catherine M. Wishart (Gaworski)

I'd love to see a running list of who has registered for the 50th reunion. I'm getting excited about seeing friends there now that many of us have retired and have grandkids to brag about. Is it possible to have a list? 

03/07/23 06:15 AM #37    

Ed Allahand

To see who's going to the 50th reunion, go on to Classmate profiles and check Attending 50th reunion.

03/07/23 10:01 AM #38    


Catherine M. Wishart (Gaworski)

Thanks, Ed!

03/19/23 06:49 AM #39    

Ed Allahand

Looking forward to our 50 year reunion More people signing up every week To see who is going so far go to the site and go to Classmate Profiles. Click attending 50 year reunion and it will show who signed up. 

04/09/23 06:03 AM #40    

Ed Allahand

 50 year reunion coming up soon, only 2 months to go. Please sign up on the website ASAP if you plan on going. In the meantime Linda Homan passed away as well as Laird Kantruss and just heard from Matt Nowinski that his wife passed also. Just got to meet her at the All Class Reunion last Sept. So sorry to hear about all these people. 

05/28/23 09:00 AM #41    

Ed Allahand

Looking forward to our 50 year reunion June 10th. We have close to 80 people going. Sheldon Per our class advisor will be there but said he'll be late because he has a golf benefit. 

 Jim Noll our Algebra teacher will be there also. It will be good to see him also.

 Remember to see who's attending go on this website to Classmate Profiles and click on Attending Class Reunion and it will show who's attending. 

  Again the dress is casual. They have a nice outdoor bar and picnic tables. The food is great. We'll have a dessert table and a DJ. 


05/29/23 05:09 AM #42    

Nancy E. Reichelt (Buchan)

I'm looking forward to it also. Some of us that are coming from out of Bensalem are planning on staying for a few days. We are planning on taking bag lunches and meeting at playwicki park on Sunday at noon if anyone wants to join us to hang out and catch up. Of course on Tuesday is the brunch ($20) at the Eddington House and the tour of the school. Hopefully we get to visit with a lot of school mates. 

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